WE DELIVER. We offer full delivery, setup, operation and removal services on all items. We do it all for you.

U-PICKUP. On many items Amerevent gives you the option to do-it-yourself on pickup, setup and return - saving you significant $ on labor. We even have loaner trailers available for you to use. All you need is a suitable towing vehicle and insurance on it! Items with complicated or difficult installation (large tents, mechanical or large items and activities, electrical and electronic components, etc.) are not eligible. But most other common party items are.

COMMON CARRIER SHIPPING. Many decor items like backdrops and custom props can be shipped by common carrier or UPS saving you from doing the travel yourself. Extra days are allowed FREE for the time needed to ship.


Over 60,000 event rental items available. Appearances can differ, view and approve at your local warehouse to assure your needs
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